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Home Learning

Discover how Tapestry can support Home Learning

Children’s learning is not confined by their classroom walls – it is happening all the time whether they are at school or at home.

Whatever the reason for children needing to access their learning remotely, Tapestry can help settings and families to support young learners.

Find out how you can use Tapestry for Home Learning with our handy guides and tutorials, features and tips.

Support for settings

Support for families

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Supporting Settings

Activities in Action - A short guide

Watch Jack use the Activities feature as a staff member to support home learning.

Home Learning - A training session

This training session was recorded by Ben Case live on the Tapestry Support Group Facebook page on 05/01/21.


If you’re looking for the best place to start using Tapestry to support home learning, then Activities is the feature for you.


Activities includes a catalogue of ideas created for you by our Education Team

Discover activities for EYFS, KS1, KS2 and SEND – we add new ones every month. Use them as they are on a planned activity, or edit them to suit your children’s needs.


Create your own activities and customise those found in Tapestry’s Activities Catalogue

In ‘Our Activities Collection’ you can create your own activities to focus more specifically on your chosen theme. Add photos, videos, PDF, PPT, word documents – you can attach whatever digital materials your children will need to help them complete the activity.

You can pick and choose activities created by Tapestry and customise them as you add them to your own personal collection.

Add an activity once and use it for years to come.


Send them now or later for specific children or entire groups

Share your planned activities with families straight away or schedule them to go live later on.

You can do this for specific children or entire groups. Whenever you add a new planned activity you will be able to slightly edit it to match the needs of the specific children you are sending it to.


No cluttering of the children’s journals

Any activities you add will not be included in the children’s journals. Instead, all replies sent back by relatives – or by children if you are using Activities in combination with Child Login – will show up as an observation that will be kept in each child’s journal as a record of their experience and effort.


Make your families’ lives easier

When accessing an activity, relatives (or children) will find a handy ‘reply with an observation’ button to make this process as easy as possible. This will also create a link between the activity and its reply.

Features to support home learning

Resources for Families

How to view and reply to activities from the Tapestry iOS app

How to view and reply to activities from the Tapestry Android app