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Tapestry’s Memos feature gives you a new way to communicate with the families of the children in your care.

Creating memos to send to parents and carers is quick and intuitive. You will be able to include notes, clickable links to other webpages, media, and documents. This means you’ll be able to effortlessly direct recipients to specific online resources and attach things like PowerPoints, Word documents, and PDFs all in one place.


Example of a clickable link in the notes section.


Because you can choose which children are tagged, and therefore which relatives can see your memo, you can easily cater the message to the group you’re talking to. In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic, this might mean setting age appropriate work, or sending updates about your provision to the key workers whose children you will be continuing to care for. You might also choose to use this feature to send home short recordings (up to 10 minutes long) to particular groups of parents – perhaps of you reading a story that they can show to their children or of you explaining how to do a particular activity.


Memos feature page with some examples.


As with the other key features on Tapestry you can set ‘User Permissions’ around what each staff member and relative can see and do with memos, including whether they can comment on them or not.


The user permissions available to set for relatives in regards to the memos feature.


We have opted to release this feature a little sooner than planned to support schools and settings during the coming weeks. So, although it is available on the browser right now, memos are not currently visible through the apps. This functionality isn’t far off though, so keep an eye out for updates.


Here is a video of Emily taking you through how to use it:


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