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Infographic Library

Explore our Infographics

Here are the infographics our Education Team have created to support children’s development!

As well as some helpful guides to familiarise parents and carers with contributing to their children’s journals, you’ll find activity idea infographics for:




These can be given to your families to help them meet the challenge of remote learning. They can film or take photos of their child as they play and learn and upload these to Tapestry via an observation.

Click on the titles to download the images onto your device.

Helpful Guides

These guides might come handy at different stages and for different purposes, so this miscellaneous array of infographics are here to support you whenever needed.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Infographics made for children who are 0 – 5  years old.

We cover Prime and Specific areas separately to support children’s development in the EYFS 7 Areas of Learning.


If you have a child at home who has additional needs, it can be more challenging to engage them in ‘typical’ home learning activities. These infographics have been produced to support parents of children with special needs but is equally transferable to those with very young children.

KS1 and KS2

See below some ideas for your KS1 and KS2 children. All the fun and learning from wherever your children are!