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For those of you who like to prepare days or weeks in advance.

The Scheduling feature on Tapestry allows you to set the ‘publish’ date of activities, memos, and observations to one in the future.

That means your posts can be made visible to relatives when you want them to be, without you needing to log into your account on the day you want them to go out. Instead, you’ll be able to create your posts at a time that is convenient for you and know that they’ll automatically become visible to the families on your account at the time you’ve set.


Choosing a scheduled date


This was designed to help those of you creating activities for home learning. We know a lot of you are working hard to try and release new resources and ideas for your children and their families on a regular basis and we think this will make that easier. It will allow you to plan as many activities as you like in one go but release them slowly. You might find this particularly helpful if you’re working part time or are furloughed for a few weeks in a row.


Examples of scheduled activities.


Scheduling is also available for observations and memos so once everything is back to normal, you might want to use it for sending out reminders; perhaps about school trips or permissions slips that need to be sent in.

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