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Using the Documents feature

Upload Word, Excel, PDF, or txt files to an easy to find area within Tapestry


The ‘Documents’ feature helps you, relatives, and your colleagues keep track of important information without the need for endless pieces of paper which can get lost or become out of date quickly.

The documents you upload can be separated into folders of your choice and will be automatically scanned for viruses. You can edit each file, its name, and its description at any point. You can also choose, on a file by file basis, whether they are visible to relatives or just staff.

There are lots of ways you might choose to use this feature, but here are a few of the ones we think will be popular:

  • For policies and protocols
    • E.g. fire safety, child protection, data protection, safeguarding, and welfare
  • For planning documents
  • For resources parents might like to use at home
  • For school dinner menus and other provided food
  • For information about term dates and holidays
  • For documents regarding events

How you use the Tapestry Documents feature is totally up to you though. We always build features to be flexible so you can use them in the way that works best for you and your school or setting.

Managers can enable it through the ‘Features’ section in the control panel.



Watch a short video showcasing the Tapestry Documents feature, led by one of our Product Support Team Members, Olaya:



Or for a written tutorial on how to use the feature step-by-step, visit our Tapestry Tutorials.

If you’d like to add documents about individual children for only their relatives to see, the best place to do so is through the Reports feature.

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