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Tapestry Plans and Prices

When you buy Tapestry you'll pay an annual fee, which varies depending on the number of children you purchase it for. This annual fee is all inclusive; there are no extra costs at any time. The only reason you'll ever pay more is if you upgrade your subscription to include more children.

To decide if Tapestry is right for you, we encourage everyone to have a free two-week trial. After this, if you'd like to go ahead, we can convert your trial account into a full account so you don't lose the information you've inputted.

Your Tapestry subscription also includes the added benefit of membership to the Foundation Stage Forum (FSF). This is our own online community and support network, used by thousands of teachers and practitioners just like you. It's a great place to share early years knowledge, ideas and information.

If you change your mind after buying Tapestry within the first month, and decide it's not for you, just contact us and we'll refund your payment. We try to make the Tapestry experience the best it can be for everyone and welcome all feedback, so if you've changed your mind we'd be interested to hear why.

Tapestry Annual Pricing

The costs listed are all that you will pay. This includes all analysis functionality, unlimited computers and mobile devices.

UK Customers

When you purchase Tapestry, it will be subject to our GDPR compliant Terms and Conditions.

The cost includes subscription to our FSF online community and support network. If you work within one of the local authorities that currently subscribe to us then £24 (inc. VAT) will be deducted at checkout. You can find out whether your local authority subscribes by visiting this page and claim your discount by filling out the LA Subscription Scheme section after clicking on the plan you would like below.

  1. 6
    £63.60 inc. VAT
  2. 12
    £76.80 inc. VAT
  3. 20
    £96.00 inc. VAT
  4. 40
    £118.80 inc. VAT
  5. 60
    £151.20 inc. VAT
  6. 90
    £210.00 inc. VAT
  7. 120
    £268.80 inc. VAT
  8. 150
    £327.60 inc. VAT
  9. 180
    £393.60 inc. VAT
  10. 210
    £495.60 inc. VAT
  11. 240
    £525.60 inc. VAT
  12. 270
    £591.60 inc. VAT
  13. 300
    £657.60 inc. VAT
  14. 350
    £764.40 inc. VAT
  15. 400
    £874.80 inc. VAT

International Customers

For the price in your country, please contact us at: ofni.sfye@ecivres.remotsuc

Contact Us

You are welcome to write to us using the following contact details:

The Foundation Stage Forum Ltd
1, Southdown Avenue
East Sussex

For information and advice on subscriptions: ofni.sfye@ecivres.remotsuc

For Tapestry queries: ofni.sfye@troppus.yrtsepat

 The Foundation Stage Forum Ltd

Tapestry is a product of the Foundation Stage Forum Ltd
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