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Tapestry Webinars are run by our team of Tapestry and education experts to give you an all-around approach to how best to use Tapestry to support your provision. All webinars are tailored to respond to the demands and needs of the sector.


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You can sign up for the webinar from the link provided in the webinar description. There is a limit of 1000 attendees, so if the webinar is full by the time you sign-in on the day, you will be redirected to a live stream.

You can also simply show up to our Facebook page at the time of the webinar. You will find a live-stream video ready to go.

Don’t worry about forgetting, though! We will be sending reminders through our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, as well as through Tapestry’s login coloured boxes.

You can also visit this page for all the information.

Yes! You will be able to watch (or rewatch) any webinars we run directly from our YouTube channel – you can find direct links further down this page.

Absolutely, the more questions the audience asks, the richer the webinar will be. You will be able to ask questions from within Zoom, but if you are watching through the live stream on Facebook, do make sure you are signed up to your account so that you are able to submit your questions.

Yes. Although the webinars will always explore the practical implementation of this or that on Tapestry, often the main discussion topic will be something that resonates with the Early Years, SEND, and/or Key Stage 1 and 2 sector, so you might still benefit from listening in.

You will find all accompanying materials further down on this page.

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09.09.21 – Tapestry and EYFS 2021 (September revisit)

Ben went live on a Q&A session focused on using Tapestry with the new EYFS 2021 flags. Ben answered all the questions about the new way of working on Tapestry using the flags and the Areas of Concern screen.


19.05.21 – Tapestry and the new EYFS Framework

Run by Ben and Stephen, from Tapestry’s Education Team, the session discussed the new EYFS Framework on Tapestry and also looked at what this means for your SEND provision.

Download the presentation slides.