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Rosie's Story

One child’s developmental journey

Follow Rosie from her first day, observing her development and how she explores the world as she grows. These short clips of Rosie can support your CPD in child development, alongside further reading and learning.

Each child develops uniquely. This is Rosie’s story.


Rosie is 10 weeks old

Rosie is now 10 weeks old. Her posture and movements are developing and she is enjoying being more physical.

Rosie is 8 weeks old

Rosie is starting to make responsive vocalisations and smile during a chat with her Mummy...

Rosie is 5 weeks old

Rosie is starting to smile! Around this time, a baby may start to 'social smile' in a responsive way (as opposed to spontaneous earlier smiles caused by wind!). It is a sign that different parts of the brain are maturing.

Rosie is 2 weeks old

In this video, Rosie is demonstrating the grasp reflex (sometimes known as the Darwinian Reflex) with her big sister in the bath!

Rosie is 7 days old

From birth, a baby has the reflexes needed to stand. The stepping reflex even allows a baby to put one foot in front of the other when their feet are placed on a firm surface.

Rosie is 3 days old

In this video, Rosie is demonstrating one of the reflexes that babies are born with - rooting. A baby automatically turns their face and makes sucking motions with the mouth when their cheek or lip is touched. This rooting reflex helps to ensure successful breastfeeding.

Welcome Rosie

We are very excited to introduce the beautiful baby Rosie! She has just arrived, and kindly agreed to allow us to follow her learning journey. We will be sharing images and videos of Rosie's development and can't wait to watch her grow.

Rosie is a member of the extended Tapestry family. Her parents are very happy to be making a record of Rosie’s development to share with us and to support early years CPD, as well as to have for themselves in years to come. Tapestry provided any equipment they needed for filming, and they are already enjoying documenting Rosie’s early experiences.

These clips belong to Rosie’s parents, and they can choose to request the removal of all Rosie’s media from online platforms at any time.

We are working on an exciting new feature and we’re looking forward to sharing this with you. Watch this space for more information.