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Tapestry is GDPR ready Privacy Policy

This site,, does not collect any information about you: It does not use cookies. It does not use Google Analytics. It does not log your IP address.

It does embed content from two services: Privacy Policy

The customers who pay for us (schools, nurseries, child-minders, educators and similar educational organisations) are data controllers for the data they add to Tapestry. We are their data processors.

The good news is that this means that, even if we wanted to, we can't do anything with the data on Tapestry without an instruction from our customer: the data is private, and what we do with it has to be agreed in a contract.

But it does mean that some duties fall upon our customers, and some fall upon us. We need to work together to be GDPR compliant overall.

One of our customer's duties is to write a privacy policy. This is because only they know what they are storing, why they are storing it, and how long they are storing it for. We have to provide them with the information they need about our systems in order to write that policy.

If you are one of our customers, the Information Commissioner's Office explains what needs to be included. A privacy policy might need to cover all the data stored on relatives and children in all the systems you use, not just Tapestry. That includes written records, billing systems, management systems, communication systems and other progress tracking systems.

The information you need from us to write a privacy policy is in our contract, particulary 'Annex C: Tapestry Privacy'.

If you are someone whose data is stored in Tapestry and just want a few key facts. They are:

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