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Tapestry for KS1 & KS2

Schools who use Tapestry in their nursery or reception classes have enjoyed the learning journal aspects of Tapestry and have noted the very positive impact the system has had on their partnerships with parents. Many schools have requested that Tapestry be extended into key stages 1 and 2 to allow a seamless learning journal and a tracking tool right through from early years to the end of year 6.

The Tapestry team are proud to announce that they now offer a unique system to monitor progress and produce both formative and summative reports throughout key stages 1 and 2. In conjunction with this, Tapestry provides a simple handover mechanism from the end of reception (Year R’s EYFSP) report into the start of year 1. Regular reports can be generated, using either manual input or snapshots populated with individual and group observations, or a combination of both.

This new development for Tapestry enables schools to follow the NAHT assessment model clearly. Schools can easily set the KPIs for individuals and for groups. Cross school moderation will be straightforward using your school’s individual benchmark arrangement.

Schools can continue to use Tapestry in Years 1-6 in partnership with parents if they wish to by uploading observations and assessments for individuals or groups of children. Alternatively, they can decide not to use this journal function and just use the new assessment and reporting capability purely to manage their school’s recording and reporting requirements. However, it is perfectly possible, and very easy to have Tapestry working to cover both of these options. Whichever way you decide to use Tapestry there are no additional costs; nothing is ‘extra’ it is a fully inclusive package based on the numbers of children you wish to include.

Tracking information is prepared using the current KS1 and KS2 curricula, so there is no need to master a proprietary system of measurements – your teaching staff will already be familiar with the subject areas and learning outcomes; no learning curve involved! You can, as a school team, decide on the benchmark expectations for your children and continuously measure this against the national expectations. This allows you to see at all times where your children are in relation to the school expectation of achievement and also where they are against the national expectation.

Replacing the old levels with assessment criteria based on the depth of learning of your children, Tapestry allows you to easily record and view learning outcomes that have been taught, and measure the depth of understanding individuals and groups of children have reached. When making your formative assessments, you can quickly identify those children who are demonstrating expected knowledge, skills and understanding, and see any children who are above, or are slipping below, expected attainment.

When analysing your data you will see clear graphical and tabular charts that enable you to track attainment points, measure and monitor progress and see, at a glance, areas of the curriculum still be covered. Such information will help teachers plan and prepare their lessons and individual interventions more effectively.

Those familiar with Tapestry will be delighted to learn that the journals, observations and media parents have enjoyed through their earlier years can be passed on to future years, providing them with the growing tapestry of their child’s life.


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Setting a child's maintained acheivement point

Snapshot tracking a child's acheivement in a year

Formative assessment for groups of children

Summative snapshot screen showing group acheivement in a subject compared to their maintained acheivement point

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