A major update to Tapestry

On 31 December 2016, we finshed moving ccounts over to a new look version of Tapestry, running on new servers in a new hosting environment.

Because the new version is on new servers, you will need to use a new url https://tapestryjournal.com to access it.

Why did we move to new servers?

Moving to new servers gives us:

  • More space for pictures and videos. Tapestry has been growing fast. Long term users will know that this has meant that every few months we have had to add new server and storage hardware, which has led to issues with firewalls in some schools. That will not happen any more.
  • Less waiting for videos and pdfs. We can now add extra computing power at busy times which means a shorter wait for videos to be processed and pdf journals to be generated.
  • Improved security. For instance, we can encrypt all your data while it is stored on our servers. Our new system has been independently checked for its security by the Security Alliance.

Why did we move to a new look?

We have tweaked and improved our software. This will give you something that is:

  • Neater. We've fixed a lot of the little annoyances, such as adding an ability to search through the list of relatives.
  • Easier to user on smaller screens. We've made Tapestry adapt itself to work better when viewed on tablets and phones.
  • More features. We've added a scattering of new features, such as new Child and Staff overview pages.
  • Faster development. In the future, we will be able to develop faster the new features that you ask for.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I need to do anything different? Apart from using tapestryjournal.com rather than eylj.org, no. The new look is different but, based on our early feedback, not so different that it won't still be obvious what to do.
  2. How do I get help? We have updated tutorials and a discussion area. If you need extra help then please get in touch in the usual ways (either through 'Contact Us' once you have logged into tapestry or by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info).
  3. Is my data still stored within the EU? Yes.
  4. Why couldn't you just point https://eylj.org at the new computers? We are moving schools across to the new service gradually, during which time we need users to be able to access both versions of tapestry. When the move is complete, https://eylj.org will work just as well as https://tapestryjournal.com
  5. Can I see the results of your independent security check? Get in touch with us, and once we've verified that you are a parent or nursery or school manager we will send you a summary of the their report and can answer any questions you have. For security reasons we don't send out the complete report.
  6. What other changes are upcoming? New design means we can speed our way through our wishlist of features to add (many suggested by you!).  The first on our list is revamping the analysis section.

Template letter for relatives

We have prepared a letter that you can download, print and hand out to inform relatives about the updated version of Tapestry after you have migrated.

  Download the Word Document

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You are welcome to write to us using the following contact details:

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For Tapestry queries: ofni.sfye@troppus.yrtsepat

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