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Tapestry for Montessori

Tapestry is used internationally in more than 13,000 schools, nurseries and early years providers. It includes assessment frameworks for the EYFS, CoEL, ECaT, Leuven scales, EYLF (Australia), Aistear and Northern Ireland and we have most recently added a unique system for monitoring progress across Key Stages 1 and 2.

The Tapestry team are excited to announce that we have extended our range to include the Montessori Curriculum! Tapestry now provides a unique opportunity for staff to prepare and assess Montessori activities with ease, whilst encouraging parents to engage with the Montessori curriculum.

With its development led by a qualified Montessori practitioner, Tapestry provides detailed descriptions of each activity across all areas of Montessori learning. These include: Activities of everyday living (Practical Life), Sensorial, Literacy, Mathematics and Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Cultural).

Suggestions for follow-on activities are made through cross-referencing each activity to other Montessori areas of learning. It enables planning for individual children and/or group activities. The framework also includes the option to add customisable refinements for each activity, giving a mechanism for identifying the depth of learning that the child is demonstrating.

The ‘Montessori activity overview’ and ‘Summative assessment’ screens allow staff to view progress for individual children or a group, over the term, year, or any assessment period of their choosing. This enables efficient monitoring of gaps or trends in areas of learning, and shows the progression of each activity for each child and/or group.

Tapestry also provides the option to directly link each Montessori activity to the Development Matters statements, allowing you to demonstrate how the Montessori curriculum fulfils the developmental aims outlined in the EYFS.

We understand that not all staff will be fully Montessori trained, and many are newly qualified. Therefore our unique framework on Tapestry assists staff with their continuing professional development, by providing descriptors and next steps, which act as a practice guide for successfully implementing the curriculum and helping with planning the next steps for each child.

Through our Montessori framework, we at Tapestry aim to help practitioners use their time more efficiently in recording and monitoring progress across the Montessori areas of learning, whilst simultaneously recording progress across the EYFS. We also recognise the importance of parental involvement, and believe that our framework will better inform parents of the curriculum and activities, allowing them to appreciate the developmental outcomes each activity fulfils.


We think this is a great addition to the online learning journal and very impressed at it's positive effects it will have on our setting following both EYFS and Montessori curriculums.

September, 2017

I absolutely love the new link feature for Montessori /eyfs! It saves time and makes my observations really thorough! Very easy to use too! 

August, 2017

Thank you for bringing the Montessori addition to my attention, it’s brilliant, it will save so much time!

August, 2017

We especially love the notes explaining each material. These will be fantastic for parents & a great time-saver for staff when writing up observations. 

August, 2017

We are desperate for this to be enabled by September! We are looking forward to less paperwork!

August, 2017

So far, I love it! It’s great to be able to link my activities correctly, and gives the parents better insight into what Montessori is all about. Thank you!

August, 2017

The descriptions of the Montessori activities are very clear and really helpful in informing parents of what we are doing here with their children. We really like it!

August, 2017

The interface is really good, clear and easy to use. I like the information buttons that explain the activities. Everything has been easy to find!

August, 2017

One of the reason’s I am probably going to sign up to full membership with Tapestry is the Montessori section as well as the EYFS. 

August, 2017

We like what we have seen very much! We will be increasing our usage from September to cover the whole school and will be using the Montessori function to a much greater extent then!

August, 2017

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Quickly make recommended EYFS assessments based on your Montessori assessments

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