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Unlimited media

Take photo after photo after photo

Videos and pictures are a brilliant way to record a child’s learning experiences and keep families in the loop with what’s going on with their child.

We believe you should have the chance to capture smiles, first steps, art work, the joy of discovery and everything else going on in a busy classroom every day. Parents can also add their own pictures or videos of the child at home which can give you further insight into the child.

Every Tapestry account allows you to add an unlimited number of pictures and videos, meaning whether you’re a parent or a practitioner, you never have to miss a thing. All this media of children can be exported by a manager on Tapestry which can be lovely gift to provide at the end of the year or when a child transitions.


Journal export with lots of pictures in


Split group observations

Separate group observations instantly so each child can have their own version with relevant amendments.

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Sleep diary

Keep a record of when a child has slept using the care diary.

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Relative contributions

Track how families are engaging with Tapestry.

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Bulk media export

Export all the videos and pictures for a child in one go to give their family quick and easy offline access.

Android, iOS, and Fire OS apps

Download the Tapestry app for Android, iOS and/or Fire devices.

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Data is kept securely and maintained using the most up to date techniques.

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Multiple themes

Choose from a number of design options for the background of the browser version of Tapestry.

Download to PDF/CSV and print

You can download almost all the pages from Tapestry as either PDF or CSV files.

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