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The IEYC is available on Tapestry.

If you use the International Early Years Curriculum framework for the children in your care, you can tag the statements and outcomes as part of observations on Tapestry. The framework is available on both the browser version of Tapestry and the Tapestry app (for iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire devices).


The section within an observation on Tapestry where you can make IEYC assessments.


Within Tapestry, you’ll be able to easily find the observations you’ve made which include IEYC assessments from the ‘Assessments’ section of the ‘Observations’ page on the browser version.


An observation found using the filters in the Assessments tab.


The International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) has been developed by Fieldwork Education to support Early Years teachers, practitioners and leaders with a research-based curriculum, using global benchmarks of best practice in early childhood education, and tailored to the developmental needs of 2-5+ year olds. The IEYC supports key areas of development with relevant and practical units of learning and structured documentation for schools and early years settings that provide learning opportunities through holistic enquiry and play-based approaches which covers all curriculum areas.

The IEYC process of learning has been designed to capture children’s natural curiosity as a starting point and balances child-initiated and teacher-scaffolded provision within an enabling environment. The fun and play-based curriculum has been informed by academic research and drives forward practice for learners aged 2-5+ years, which has rapidly grown from 0-500 schools in over 50 countries in 3 years.


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If you’re interested in learning more about the International Early Years Curriculum and becoming an IEYC school, visit the Fieldwork Education website to discover more:

Or you can watch Sneha from Fieldwork Education talking about it here:



There are also several other frameworks available within the Tapestry platform, including the UK based Early Years Foundation Stage, the Australian Early Years Learning Framework, the Northern Ireland Foundation Stage, the Welsh Foundation Phase Framework, and Montessori.

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