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Quick Add Profile Pictures

The fast way to add profile pictures for staff, relatives, and children.

You can add profile pictures one at a time or for lots of people all once. If you’re manually setting profiles up on Tapestry, then adding the profile pictures as you go makes the most sense. If you’re planning to import whole groups of children, staff, or relatives at once via a CSV file though, you can add their profile pictures without needing to edit every single person. This is also a really handy feature if you want to add their pictures later, or if that’s done by someone else.


The profile picture upload page.


Our profile picture upload pages allow you to drag and drop images from a folder on your computer or to select images from your file explorer if you’d prefer.


You can drag and drop pictures into the upload page from a folder on your computer.


It gives you the option to zoom in and rotate your selected image to ensure the right part of it appears as the profile photo and allows you to replace the photo for if you accidentally upload the wrong one.


Picture editor


This feature is one of the many we’ve added to reduce the amount of time you spend on admin. To see what else Tapestry can offer take a look at the quick links below or go to our full Features page.

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