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Get instant notifications for the things you want to know

If you and choose to, you can receive notifications to your phone, tablet or inbox. As with most features on Tapestry, this is totally flexible – you set what you’re notified about, in what way, and how frequently (from push notifications and/or instant emails, to one email per week).


Screenshot of notification on a mobile device

Group observations

Reduce your workload by making group observations for activities involving several children.

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Communicate with family members through the care diary.

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Tracking for Montessori

Quickly and easily see how confident each child is with each activity and how that has changed over their time with you.

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Single child observations

Record each child's achievements and special moments using written descriptions and media.

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Data is kept securely and maintained using the most up to date techniques.

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Multiple themes

Choose from a number of design options for the background of the browser version of Tapestry.

Unlimited devices

Access Tapestry on as many devices as you like.

Multiple staff types

Add staff members as one of three different staff user types with variyng access/control.