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MOVE Branch Map

MOVE settings can include the activity based programme as a branch map within the Cherry Garden framework

The Cherry Garden framework on Tapestry was developed by the namesake Outstanding special needs school in London. The intention of the Branch Maps that make up the framework are to provide practitioners with a better understanding of typical child development in young children to support a flexible, child centred approach to assessment and the setting of next steps for children with additional needs. Read our article about the Cherry Garden Branch Maps to find out more.


Whilst developing the 6 main Branch Maps, Cherry Garden School also created some ‘supplementary’ maps which could be used to support assessment in other areas (specific communication aids, transitions etc). One of the supplementary maps they developed was based on the MOVE Programme (MOVE). That is an activity-based framework that that uses the collaborative approach of education, therapy and family knowledge to teach disabled children the skills of sitting, standing and walking. You can find out much more about the programme in our forum article, ‘What is the MOVE programme‘.

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Cherry Garden School have been using their MOVE Branch Map in-house on Tapestry since 2018 and have found that it has helped them hugely to evidence the amazing progress that their children with physical needs have made.

We are thrilled that MOVE and Cherry Garden School have given us the green light to add the MOVE Branch Map to Tapestry for all MOVE settings.

If you use the MOVE programme and would like to have the assessment tool turned on for your setting, please contact with your Tapestry Account ID (you can find this when you click on Control Panel’ in the menu in the top right hand corner of your screen). If you are not an existing Tapestry subscriber, you can sign up for a free 2 week trial, and then contact MOVE to allow temporary permission to view the framework.


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