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Easily monitor children's progress and improve parental understanding of your Montessori setting

We added the Montessori framework to Tapestry primarily so families could see all the wonderful things their children are accomplishing within their Montessori settings. With each selectable activity, we have added an informative description about what the aims/outcomes of it were, and how the child was presented the materials.

In making that available to families, our hope is that we’ll improve parental understanding of exactly what the children are achieving and help them to replicate it at home.


Example of a description of one of the Montessori activities.


The framework itself is split into areas; Practical Life/AEL, Sensorial, Literacy, Mathematics, Cultural/KUW. Within these are ‘sub areas’, each with their own list of activities which practitioners can easily link to the observation they’re making. They can also be assessed via a refinement to show how confident the child was with it.


The Montessori assessment picker showing part of the Literacy area and how you can assess within it. .


There is also a handy EYFS linker which suggests EYFS age bands and development matter’s statements which might be relevant for the observation. Those of you in Australia using Montessori and EYLF will be able to see if an EYLF outcome links to a Montessori activity instead.


Example of a suggested EYFS link for a Montessori assessment.


Tapestry offers monitoring screens as well, to help you keep track of what you’ve already covered with the children, to compare the number of assessments made for individuals and groups over your chosen periods of time, and to see how their confidence in each activity is growing.

Our summative assessment screen is one of the most popular ones. That shows you the refinement you’ve assigned to each assessed activity for a child in each period/term. It also allows you to manually add assessments and refinements for Montessori activities without having to add a full observation.


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