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Improve parental understanding of your Montessori setting

We added the Montessori framework to Tapestry so that Montessori settings all over the world would be able to share what children accomplish in Montessori settings with relatives in a more informative and thorough way.

The areas are split as Practical Life/AEL, Sensorial, Literacy, Mathematics, Cultural/KUW. Within these areas, we have created sub-areas for practitioners to easily be able to locate which activity the child has completed and link it efficiently to the observation.

Each activity is also linked to an informative description about what the aims/outcomes of the activity in question were and how the child was presented the materials.

When it comes to tracking, you can use our summative assessment screen to view the progress the child is making for each activity from one period to the next and manually add assessments and refinements for Montessori activities without having to add a full observation.


Suggested next Montessori activities

Tapestry offers suggestions of which activities a child may be presented next based on the assessments made so far.

Tracking for EYFS

Tapestry has a whole range of tracking screens for EYFS children covering a variety of frameworks and for both groups and individuals.

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Montessori descriptors and activities

Tapestry offers in depth and detailed descriptors of the Montessori curriculum and activities.

Bespoke Tagging

Use #hashtags in observations to identify key-phrases such as ‘#childinitiated’ or specific focus points e.g. #behaviour, as well as for categorising observations e.g. ‘#outdoors’.

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About Me pages

A page all about each child which can be filled in by them, their parents, or staff.

Group observations

Reduce your workload by making group observations for activities involving several children.

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Accident forms

Record accidents and mark them as discussed when appropriate from within the care diary.

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Bulk media export

Export all the videos and pictures for a child in one go to give their family quick and easy offline access.