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Identify and track important topics and goals

Quickly and simply tag observations on Tapestry by putting a hashtag (#) in front of any word you’d like to use to identify or categorise observations. You’ll then easily be able to find any observations with that (or any other) specific hashtag. Here are some examples:

  • To show when a child is doing something #ChildInitiated or #AdultLed.
  • To track specific focus points e.g. #Discovery or #Curiosity. This has been used particularly in schools and settings supporting children with special educational needs, but is a great way of focusing on holistic development too.
  • To add, find, and plan on what next e.g. #FredsNextSteps.
  • To keep a record of conversations with parents e.g. #ChatwithMum.
  • To monitor learning environments e.g. #BlueRoom.

It’s a totally flexible system so can be used for anything you’d like!


Notes and hashtags in an observation

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