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Unlimited relative profiles

Access for all relatives, regardless of where they are in the world

Managers can set up as many people as they like with relative accounts and link them to the appropriate child/children, for no extra cost.

This means that as well as mum and dad being able to have separate access, you can stay connected with family members living half way across the world.

Every relative connected to a child can add their own observations (notes, pictures, and videos) and comments and in doing so, help you and the family build a better understanding of the child’s early development and experiences.


Relative contributions

Track how families are engaging with Tapestry and how you can promote and improve your family communication.

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Be informed when other staff members and families contribute to Tapestry.

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Bulk media export

Export all the videos and pictures for a child in one go to give their family quick and easy offline access.

PDF Learning Journal

Export each child's learning journal to PDF to get an offline version of it and for families to treasure long after they have left your care.

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Data is kept securely and maintained using the most up to date techniques.

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Unlimited pictures and videos

Add as many videos and pictures as you like to your Tapestry account.

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Find gaps

Quickly and easily see where the gaps in your assessments are.

About Me pages

A page all about each child which can be filled in by them, their parents, or staff.