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Attainment, progress, and thoroughness

This page refers to the Tapestry features for the previous EYFS framework. If you are looking for what’s in place for the updated Development Matters or Birth to 5 Matters guidance materials, take a look at this page.


Tapestry has a number of screens to help you keep on top of the assessments you’re making for your EYFS children, be in that in the EYFS framework, CoEL, or Leuven.



These can help you to establish each child’s attainment, see the progress they’ve made over whichever period you choose to see, and find out whether there are any areas they haven’t been assessed in at all.




There are screens for both individual children and whole groups meaning you can build up your understanding of your cohorts quickly and easily.




For the things you want to monitor but that you don’t use a specific framework for, you can always use our #hashtag feature for a truly personalised tracking.

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