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Engagement Tracking

Engagement tracking is a vital tool for Tapestry managers (and any non-managers you’d like)!

Tapestry’s engagement tracking screens will allow you to monitor observations added to Tapestry, by both staff members and families. The engagement screens for staff members provide useful information about how each staff member is observing, e.g. how many observations include a specific framework, are for each child, or are set to a specific status. This can help both managers and non-managers manage their time effectively.

The engagement screen for relatives informs you about how relatives are engaging with Tapestry e.g. whether they are viewing observations, the % of them they are commenting on, and how many they’ve made. You can filter your results in a number of ways, including by group, meaning you can see how engaged the parents from a particular room or class are if you’d like.


Percentages relating to parental engagement

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