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Going paperless has never been easier!

One of the benefits of using Tapestry is that you can create a detailed, media rich record of a child’s early experiences and development without the costs associated with printing and storing reams of paper!

Whilst during the year you might choose to keep that all only on Tapestry, you can also export any of it at any time if you’d like an offline copy. This is particularly useful at the end of a child’s time at your service when you want to give families a copy of all of the wonderful memories you’ve collected across the child’s time with you. These can be exported as PDFs which you and the families can download.

You can also export all pictures and videos into a zip file.

PDF export

Food and drink diary

Use the care diary to record the food and drink a child has had throughout the day.

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Single child observation

Record each child's achievements and special moments using written descriptions and media.

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About Me pages

A page all about each child which can be filled in by them, their parents, or staff.

Find gaps

Quickly and easily see where the gaps in your assessments are.

Tracking for EYFS

Tapestry has a whole range of tracking screens for EYFS children covering a variety of frameworks and for both groups and individuals.

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Suggested next Montessori activities

Tapestry offers suggestions of which activities a child may be presented next based on the assessments made so far.

Android, iOS, and Fire OS apps

Download the Tapestry app for Android, iOS and/or Fire devices.

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Quick assessments

Record judgements without having to add whole observations.