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Child Enrolling Status

Prepare for your new starters in advance

The ‘Enrolling’ status allows you to create profiles for any children who are joining you soon, but who haven’t actually started yet.

Profiles set to ‘Enrolling’ won’t count towards your ‘Active’ child profile limit. So, if all the ‘Active’ space on your account is currently taken up by children who are leaving, there’s no need to increase your package size while you’re preparing for your new starters to join. That means you can get a whole new year group organised weeks in advance without having to pay any extra!


Status options for child profiles


Your ‘Enrolling’ children won’t appear in the list of children you can add to observations, care diary entries, activities, memos, or reflections so you don’t need to worry about accidentally adding posts for them. They will appear in the admin areas, though.


Child profiles with different statuses shown in the Children section


As well as being able to set up the child profiles, you will be able to do all of the following with your ‘Enrolling’ children:

  • Link them to relatives
  • Assign them to staff as key children
  • Add them to groups
  • Print name labels for them
  • Complete their About Me
  • View their history
  • Respond to a subject access request



If you do set up the relatives of these enrolling children, they will be able to login to see their children on Tapestry (but with a little icon saying they are still ‘Enrolling’), contribute to the About Me, and see anything within the Documents section that you’ve made visible to them.

Whether it’s the end of year transition period, or just an individual child joining, this feature should make the admin side of it a little easier!

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