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Accident Records

Record accidents and first-aid administered to children

The Tapestry Accident section gives you a paper free alternative to a traditional accident book.

It allows you to record when and how an accident occurred, detail the first aid that was administered and by which staff member, and fill in any additional information you feel is relevant.


The Accidents home page


You can collect the signature of a child’s parent or carer to mark an accident as discussed. That can be done on a tablet, phone, or computer (although only on the browser for now), or you can just click to say that they’ve signed a hardcopy.


Parent's signature to mark an accident as discussed


PDF downloads are available for every accident, either individually or as a bulk export.

Within the Accident section you’ll also find a section for ‘comments’. You can use that to communicate directly with relatives.

Initially this accident log was only available as one of the entry types within the Care Diary. We’ve made it a standalone feature too though, so if the children on your account are a bit older, or you simply don’t want to record meals, toileting, sleep, milk feeds, or general notes, you can remove those by only enabling Accidents. For those of you who want the other entry types too, just enable the entire Care Diary – you’ll see the Accidents section within that.

If you already have a Tapestry account you can turn the Accidents feature on from within your Control Panel. If not, you can see it for yourself by taking out a no obligation free trial.

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