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Keep Track, Save Time

The Tapestry Care Diary allows you to record the daily care routines you provide for your children. You can record all of these details for individual children, or select multiple children to quickly record information without repeating yourself.

Food & Drink

Record the times and details of food and drink the children have consumed, and milk feeds throughout the day.


Recording sleep times is easy and straightforward, using the onscreen timer or using the in/out of bed toggle.


A simple interface to record nappy changes and toileting helps you to keep parents informed.

General Log

The general log allows you to record anything else of note; for example, well-being information on how quickly the child settled that morning.

Daily Diary

Staff can see a daily timeline of a child's care and optionally share it with relatives or carers. The summary information screen presents parents and carers with all the relevant information for them to be fully aware of their child’s daily health and care routines.

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