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About Us

Tapestry is about capturing the magic of a child's early years experience, and recording children's learning in a way that is easy, fun and affordable.

We've thought carefully about every single aspect of our online learning journals, to make it easy for you to track children's progress - as well as providing parents with special memories to treasure.

So who's behind Tapestry? We're a small, select team comprising a former primary school teacher, nursery manager and LA consultant, as well as an IT technician, a small team of web developers, and a customer services specialist. Based on the south coast, we have an impressive track record of providing innovative resources for early years education.

As well as Tapestry, which launched in 2012 and is used by thousands of educational settings across the UK and abroad, we're also behind the Early Years Foundation Stage Forum (FSF). This online community and support network, launched in 2003, is made up of thousands of teachers and practitioners just like you, who are dedicated to early years education. It is from this pool of expertise and shared experience that the idea of Tapestry was born and continues to evolve.

An added benefit of joining Tapestry is that you'll also become a member of the FSF. So, as well as being able to create unique online journals for children at your setting, you'll be able to access the FSF online to exchange information and advice, and share experiences and ideas.

As you can see, we're passionate about providing interactive, integrated resources for teachers and practitioners. We're extremely proud of Tapestry, and believe it will continue to transform the way children's progress is recorded and tracked in early years education.

We'd love to hear what you think. We develop and adapt Tapestry according to the needs of those who use it, so if you have an idea of how we can improve we'd like to hear it!

Contact Us

You are welcome to write to us using the following contact details:

The Foundation Stage Forum Ltd
1, Southdown Avenue
East Sussex

For information and advice on subscriptions: ofni.sfye@ecivres.remotsuc

For Tapestry queries: ofni.sfye@troppus.yrtsepat

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