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8 ways Tapestry’s Child Login can help Teachers and SLT

by Jules on December 15

Tapestry’s Child Login isn’t just for children! Here are some of the ways the Child Login feature can help teachers and senior leaders in your school.


1. Independence

Once you have set up Child Login for your class, the children can use it independently. As a class, you can agree on why a piece of work would be added to a learning journey, and how children can include what they did, what they think, and what they understand about their work. As children move into Key Stage 2, this will mean less emphasis on adults collating work in learning journeys – the children will be doing it themselves!


2. Giving Feedback

Teachers and other adults in the school can give feedback on the work children have chosen to upload through Child Login by using the comments section and adding ‘Likes’. This feedback becomes interactive as children can respond via the comments. They can also use audio to respond to feedback, allowing you to adapt to the needs of individual children. Before you know it, they will be chasing you to do your marking!


3. Raising engagement

Children love to take control of their learning, and Child Login is a tech tool that allows them control and choice over the work they upload and the thoughts they share about it. They will be able to scroll through and quickly see improvements they have made, and recall learning and special moments. Children will know that work they add to Tapestry via Child Login will be seen by adults at school, the Headteacher, and by their family. This will give them extra incentive to create their best learning journal and engage with the feedback they receive.


4. Curriculum

You can use Child Login to support learning in different curriculum areas. For example, children could log in to their Tapestry account to access an activity related to comparing and ordering numbers, or they could record themselves playing a multiplication recall game, or upload an image of some maths work and make an audio recording of themselves explaining what they did. They would be engaging with higher order thinking through their reflections while working on number. Child Login can also support aspects of the Computing curriculum, such as e-safety, and using technology as a communication, storage and information tool.


5. SLT

Child Login is an excellent way for Headteachers and other senior leaders to get to know children in the school and celebrate their work. Because children can choose the work they wish to upload to Tapestry, you can begin to see what their likes and interests are, and where their strengths lie. You can hear children’s voices, either written or recorded, talking about what they have learned and understood. And you can engage with them easily by adding a comment. You can then use this as a reason to pop into classrooms and share your enjoyment and pride in their work.


6. Subject Leaders

Child Login also allows subject leaders to get to know children and what they think/where they are in a particular subject, providing an overview and monitoring coverage for a subject without having to collect books. A subject leader can see and review work children have chosen to add to their learning journals, and hear their voices through audio recordings, or view video clips they have uploaded about their learning and understanding. They can engage with individual children about their work in a subject, adding comments and ‘Likes’.


7. Ofsted

As Ofsted continue to move away from viewing lots of data, and towards understanding how well schools know their children, what better way to show this than regular engagement with individual children and their work by all adults in the school? Child Login amplifies children’s voices, interests, and engagement with their learning and allows you to evidence your interactions with each child, through comments, video clips and audio recordings.


8. Home-school Partnerships

Child Login can be another tool in your kit to build and sustain partnership with families. Children who have uploaded things to Tapestry themselves will be eager to show their parents and carers at home. And because they can access Child Login independently, this is easy for them to do! Adults at home can engage with and celebrate the work by adding comments and sharing what sparked further interest. You can also use Tapestry’s Activities feature to organise learning at home, whether homework or remote learning.




Education Advisor and Content Editor

Jules qualified as a teacher at UCL Institute of Education and has taught in both schools and nurseries. For a while she was writing articles for the Foundation Stage Forum and bringing up her three children, then in 2018 the FSF and Tapestry team finally agreed to take her on for real. She is an education advisor and has also taken on the role of content editor. She looks forward to continuing to connect with educators, hearing their voices, and the important work that needs to be done to support children who will become the adults that shape our future society.