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What to do now the holidays are here

by Jules on April 9

The Easter Holidays have begun and parents around the country are stuck with the strange situation of already having had their children at home for two weeks. Here are some ideas to do together using things you might find around the house:


1. Gardener’s World – make a garden in a washing up bowl or small tray. Make a pond by adding water in a pot or use a mirror or silver foil. Add some earth, grass, pick some flowers or weeds (check first!). Find some stones and make a path. Watch out Monty Don!

2. Trip Advisor – plan the best holiday ever. Pick a destination – the more outlandish the better! We can go anywhere from our sofa. What will you do when you’re there?

3. Ultimate Staycation – turn your living room into a beach resort. Create a beach and sea from sheets and blankets. Cut out shells and fish. Add some towels. Swimwear and flipflops are compulsory. Make a colourful drink – maybe banana milkshakes, put on some Caribbean music, and chill. Sun cream anyone?

4. Game on – design a family board game. It can be as big or small as you like. Give it a theme and a name. Create some counters out of paper or card. Make a rule book to go with it. And then play – Jumanji style!

5. Virtual playdate – if you have a mobile device, set a date and time to connect with friends via a screen. Give the playdate a purpose by writing each other a list of 5 questions to answer (grown-ups can help), or ‘meet’ to draw together while you are both on screen and show your pictures at the end of the playdate.

6. Be bored – don’t forget to give your children time doing absolutely nothing. Sometimes the best ideas happen when they’re bored.


Education Advisor and Content Editor

Jules qualified as a teacher at UCL Institute of Education and has taught in both schools and nurseries. For a while she was writing articles for the Foundation Stage Forum and bringing up her three children, then in 2018 the FSF and Tapestry team finally agreed to take her on for real. She is an education advisor and has also taken on the role of content editor. She looks forward to continuing to connect with educators, hearing their voices, and the important work that needs to be done to support children who will become the adults that shape our future society.