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Tapestry Newsletter February 2020

by emily on February 28

Hi Weavers,

This month we celebrated the 17th birthday of the Foundation Stage Forum (the FSF). The FSF is an online community for all those with a professional interest in teaching and learning with young children. The FSF creates and supports Tapestry.

When you purchase a Tapestry account, a subscription to the FSF is included. To make access to the FSF even easier, all managers and full staff account holders can now use their Tapestry login details to set up a free FSF account.

On the forum you can read articles written by a range of experts, download helpful resources created by us as well as other forum users and you can also take part in all the interesting and lively conversations with other users that are happening.

To set up an account, you just need to follow this video tutorial or this written tutorial. We look forward to meeting you on the forum!

FSF Podcasts

If you haven’t already, make sure to listen to our Foundation Stage Forum podcasts with episodes released weekly on a wide variety of subjects within education and technology. Join our education team and the occasional special guest, discuss the big issues and hot topics in Early Years such as sustainability, self-regulation and the new ELGs.

You can listen to all our podcast episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and on our Simplecast page.

National Storytelling Week 2020

This month we celebrated National Storytelling week in the UK, from the 1st-8th February. Education Team members Ben and Jack have created a video of their top tips to inspire children’s story telling skills.

You can watch this video here but do also make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you are notified whenever we add a new video.

Download SEND statements from within Tapestry

For those of you using the SEND framework on Tapestry, it is now possible for you download a document which includes all the statements from within your Tapestry account.

This can be done by creating a new observation and in the SEND assessment section, just click on the ‘Download SEND Statements’ button.

We hope you find this addition helpful!

Feature Focus: Splitting a group observation

If you have done a group activity and want to record this on Tapestry, it’s possible to add multiple children into an observation. We do understand that you may want to add different notes, photos/videos or assessments for different children though, so what you can do is split the group observation. This creates copies of the observation, one for each child you split off. To add different notes/media/assessments for children, you then just need to edit the individual observations. This tutorial will talk you through the whole process.



Product Support and Testing Manager

Emily joined the FSF and Tapestry in 2016 after completing her bachelor’s degree in Arts and Culture at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. She is now the Product Support and Testing Manager. Fuelled with as much tea as humanly possible, she oversees the team that assist our lovely customers with all their Tapestry needs and test all our new features. Emily is incredibly knowledgeable about Tapestry. She is also really good at making lists. Emily’s other very important role is to try and supply baked goods for the office whenever possible.