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How do parents like to use Tapestry- what do they get out of it?

by Natalie Williams on October 21

We’re in 2019. Your 3/4-year-old is more tech-savvy than you. True or false? Answers on a postcard to Boris, ET, Google whoever you like.

But let’s take a minute here. Let’s look at the bigger picture. We’re hosting the next generation of turbo-powered IT literate little people and we’re still sitting here puzzled in disbelief, sipping our English breakfast tea and wondering how and when this all happened. Forget Evolution this is ‘Technolution’ and its best friend is called Tapestry. But this time, it’s the adults taking over the technology and the kids are the main attraction.

So what do hard-working parents get out of it? We come home from work or a full day of running around, open the Tapestry app or log in to our web-based portal and see what our child has been doing with their friends and their immensely creative teacher.

We sit down at breakfast time and subtly ask our little darling how they built a castle with Betsy? Later on, we may get a notification from Mr Beard about the rainbow-inspired ‘Jack & The Beanstalk’ Reiss had made in the rain. It’s lunchtime at work, time for a spot of internet browsing and a Tapestry check. We think about some of the observations this week and we feel compelled to send a message to our child’s teacher telling them the learning hasn’t stopped at school. Here’s our Leaf Man drawing inspired by our Gruffalo Trail walk.  We’re all on cloud nine right now and I’ve been entered for the best mum award!

It’s 7:00 pm, it’s time for a bath and we’re having a deep and meaningful conversation about the mud kitchen utensils and it’s all because we’ve seen our 3 observations today, via Tapestry. This really is 24/7 teaching and learning. The day Frankie has finally recorded his name independently; you can sing from the rooftops and tell his teacher how proud you are. When did education become this purposeful? Why have we been waiting for our whole life for this innovation? We whisper to each other on the playground ‘I wish we had this when we were younger.’ It’s here now, so let us enjoy every minute.

Parental engagement has taken a whole new meaning through Tapestry. The simplicity of two-way recording between school and parent allows you to view your child’s learning journey daily.  Teacher observations are centered on the latest government expectations in Early years, known as ‘Early Learning Goals’. Being exposed to these areas of development, allows you to gain an insight into your child’s learning environment and how they’re progressing throughout their time in Preschool or Reception.

Moving with a paperless approach, schools make it easy for parents to gain access to their child’s Tapestry account and teachers host Tapestry meetings to engage new parents. If you have parental responsibility, the school can set up an account for you, making it easy to access your child’s learning journey. Through pictures, videos and written observation, teachers provide a fully visual platform where you can also comment and add your observations as a parent.

Information is secure and safe and schools make it very clear the rules of processing and sharing information. Parents want to safeguard their child as much as their setting does so this is all in hand and very closely monitored. Sharing on social media is not an option and as a parent, this puts my mind at rest.
So next time you ask Bobby what he did at school today and he tells you he doesn’t remember, you can give him a little smile because Tapestry has remembered the best bits for you.

With weaving love from your Tapestry Mum,


Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams has written a series of three articles designed to help parents of children who attend schools or settings using Tapestry as their online learning journal. Her collection of articles are designed specifically to help other parents utilise Tapestry to support learning at home, as well as to highlight - as a busy working mum - how helpful the notifications can be. Drawing on her experiences, she also shares her viewpoint that online learning journals now allow parents who work, to feel involved and part of the school learning community, despite not being able to attend every school meeting or trip. In Natalie's own words, 'I’m mum of two little darling ( and demanding) boys, Eden and Byron. Both insist that I pretend to be the big bad wolf multiple times a day or a human goalpost when the sun is shining. I work from home and live in Essex with my wonderful partner in crime, Dom. If I’m having a bad day, I remember Life is beautiful when you have running water at your fingertips!